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Town Hall School, offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate all round learning. Besides emphasizing on communicative English and number skills, we expose the students to a wide range of sporting, cultural, creative and extra-curricular activities. Town Hall offers both day and boarding options to its students across prominent Location in Lucknow.

Day School

Town Hall School, offers a very robust, well rounded day school curriculum delivered via qualified teachers trained to ensure holistic development of the students via our unique pedagogy.

Extended Day School / Day Boarding

Extended Day School / Day Boarding program has been designed for optimum utilization of quality time of the students and available at parent’s discretion. The students under this program will be getting additional 3-4 hrs every day wherein the students

  • Will focus on Academics, sports, extra-curriculars and skill enhancement programs to ensure holistic development. A variety of games, extra curricular and skill enhancement trainings are aimed to be conducted during the extended hours, to help inculcate new skills, team spirit, competitiveness, self-esteem and organizing abilities.
  • Extensive attention is paid towards completion of homework , concept sheet completion, preparation for tests / exams  in the extended hours to ensure students have sound academic fundaments thereby eliminating the requirement of tuition or coaching for students at home.
  • As part of extended Day School, Students also have options to join integrated programs aimed at preparation of competitive exams such as NTSE / Olympiad / KVPY (for Classes VI to X) and NEET / JEE / CA Foundation (Classes XI & XII) or Coding Programs offered in partnership with White Hat Junior.

The quality time available to the children at home can be utilized for project work and other social activities with parents which will help cement the family bond.

Integrated Programs

We at Town Hall understand that it is school’s responsibility to prepare students for the life beyond board exams and guide, counsel & prepare students for success in any career path of their choosing.

Key to success for any competition is early start & discipline in efforts. Integrated Programs offered by Town Hall are aimed to help students from Class VI onwards bring discipline in their studies and adopt a milestone based approach to competitive success. At Town Hall we ensure each and every minute of the student is productively utilized.

Town Hall has after careful deliberations adopted the best in class NGuide Program offered by Narayana Institute – India’s No. 1 Competitive Exam Preparation Institute with proven track record of competitive success.

NGuide is the most scientifically designed coaching program both at Foundation (for Classes VI to X) & Expert levels (for classes XI to XII) to achieve NEET / JEE / CA Foundation / Olympiads / NTSE competitive success.

Special features:


Town Hall Day & Day Boarding Schools is fully committed to build an ecosystem to promote merit & all round excellence. Town Hall School runs a well designed scholarship program that provides financial assistance to the deserving candidates across a variety of areas including but limited to academics, sports, performing arts to enable them to achieve their Full potential.

We at Town Hall bear a deep sense of moral responsibility and do emphasize on the need to provide equal opportunity to those from weaker sections of the society. We has instituted Special Scholarship to recognize and reward the contribution of our unsung heroes. Ward of Covid-19 Warriors, Police & Armed Forces personnel are automatically eligible to avail these special scholarships.


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