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Why Town Hall?

Learning System

The wholesome development of a child is the driving force of our entire team. Since starting early is better than catching up, we commence this initiative right from the primary level. Grades 1-5, therefore, employ a carefully constructed approach to child care and education. Every grade is a foundation to the next, and the curriculum works in accordance with that: cautiously shaping a child’s perspective to accommodate for and adapt to change.

For primary school, our focus is on:

During these formative academic years, we work consistently towards empowering our students for the real world. For this, we emphasis on:


We offer CISCE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), Uttar Pradesh State Board & National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) curricula. Our learner-centric pedagogy approaches each child as a separate entity, as opposed to the conventional class-oriented approach. Our teachers guide students along every step, encouraging them to experiment and come upon their own strengths and weaknesses themselves. Students are put in an environment that catalyses their academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual growth. In keeping with our inclination towards quality and not quantity, a consistent ratio of twenty five students to one teacher is maintained, allowing adequate time and attention for each child to actualise the full capacity of his/her potential.

We push ourselves constantly to devise unconventional methods that are both interactive and spread over a wide spectrum of topics; our objective is to develop a sense of context and objectivity in our children to equip them for larger challenges. Furthermore, a ‘Life Skills’ Unit is included in every academic year, keeping the children persistently acquainted with a just, objective vision of society.


Our unique curriculum is geared to:


We ensure that the curriculum encompasses students’ abilities, needs and inherent potential. At Town Hall, we understand our students by recognising their talent

Town Hall offers:


Each child is unique and requires a different level of attention. This individuality needs to be both celebrated and reinforced through focused guidance and steady opportunity during their developing years.

At Town Hall, inclusion advocates the process of enabling all students, including those with special educational needs, to learn and participate effectively within the mainstream school system.

Inclusion is an effort students go to regular school, where they receive specially designed instructions and support alongside the standard curriculum.

The following policies, thus, become the cornerstone of our Inclusive philosophy:

Under the Inclusive Education policy, Town Hall conducts several workshops and seminars for students, teachers and parents.

Teacher Student Ratio

Our school appreciates and welcomes individuality. In order to allow a child to flourish within his/her own sphere of perception and possibly polish that approach, we work in a small class set-up, accommodating for sufficient attention for each child.

At primary level*

At secondary level*

Our motive is to allow students direct access to achievements by constantly providing opportunity. Our teachers, thus, ensure that they understand every student individually.

Academic research confirms that students who receive integral education, more often than not follow a balanced growth curve. We have interventions, teaching strategies and support systems to meet the specific learning styles of an individual child. Small classes enable our teachers to implement a curriculum that is rich with activities, allowing physical experience to be the foundation of their learning. Further, this allows space for more meaningful peer interaction and ensures participation, which is generally a challenge in large capacity classrooms.

To be prompt is to be approachable to a child; which is why personalised and immediate feedback is a habit in classes across the grades. It also enables the teacher to detect emotional blocks/problems, if any, and resolve them at the earliest.

* Denotes Average Ratio 

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education forms the foundation of our learning system. The process of Inclusive Education is the act of including students of similar chronological ages in the same classes. Our Inclusive Education policies are in tune with the Ministry of Human Resource Development and UNESCO. The aim of inclusive quality education is to put an end to all forms of discrimination and thereby foster social cohesion.

Our Inclusive Programme is mentored and monitored by a multidisciplinary panel of professionals who plan and implement individualised education programmes for students with special needs. They have the expertise in adaptive curriculum and co-operative learning. This team addresses behavioural and cognitive problems, while carefully monitoring the students to assess their level of disability. 

After analysing the student’s needs, different diagnostic tools and behavioural modification techniques are used to develop the personal, educational and social skills of the students. This is done in close collaboration with teachers, parents and school admi


At Town Hall, we believe that a student’s safety is our prime responsibility. Thus, we follow best in-class safety measures for our students and staff: 





Atharv, Aadya & Adyant Saini

"I Arvind Kumar Saini father of Atharv, Aadya & Adyant would like to take this opportunity to thank the school staff and teachers for keeping up with my children's education during this time of pandemic,the kind of hard work teachers are putting into there studies really show how dedicated and inclined they are towards shaping a better future for my children. I really would like to appreciate Latika ma'am sweating hard to create an inclusive online class. Hence I would conclude by saying a big thank you to the Town Hall Educational Society teaching staff working this hard and making education a milestone."

Aradhya Verma, Class-IV

"I, Kanchan Verma, mother of Aradhya Verma, Class 4th. I heartily thank all teachers and staff of Town Hall Public School, for ensuring proper studies of our childeren during the Covid-19 pandemic. I really appreciate them for doing such a great job"

Samarth Shukla, Class-V

"I'm Sushma Shukla mother of Samarth Shukla. I feel so glad to have been placed my son in your school. During pandemic,all teacher's help my son. Especially, I would like to thanks Suman Mehta ma'am whose work is so appreciable and also have very warm nature. Their hard work is so appreciable. I want to express my appreciation for your excellent work caring for my children. This is a magnificent school with excellent teachers, classrooms, warm atmosphere and super friendly and helpful staff. Thanks & Regards"

Palak Mishra, Class V

"My school excels both in education as well as extra curriculars & sports and is among the top schools of the city. The student here pass every examination with flying colours."

Priyanshi Verma, Class IX

"The principal of the school keeps on updating and innovating the teaching techniques for the betterment of the students."

Anshika Bhardwaj, Class V

"In our school, children are taught moral values and are also encouraged to perform well their in studies. Students are provided regular guidance about the future career options available to us."